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Launching a succesfull project can’t be improvised.

Our team of advisors specialized in cryptos and NFTs supports project creators in their launch phase.

Hype Management

Your project in the spotlight with our optimised strategies for crypto launches and our partner network.

Roadmap & Strategy

We help you to develop a clear roadmap for the launch and for the long term of your project. 

We also oversee the entire marketing strategy.

Crypto Advisors

The proximity and availability of our teams allows us to make daily progress with the founders of crypto or NFT projects.

Why you need us :

Our 360° vision allows us to assist you from start to finish...

Here are some essential elements for a successful ICO or NFT mint:  

This is exactly what we help you to do…

Here is The Lams :

Complementary skills

Amin Lams

Amin Lams

Web Marketer since 2011

Amin Lams

Web-entrepreneur since 2011, I have spent the last 5 years supporting hundreds of web projects in their start-up phase.

Today, I’m putting this cumulative experience and all my marketing strategies to work for your blockchain project.




Crypto Growth Expert


After starting my career in a startup, I decided to focus on DeFi.

I spend more than 10 hours a day analysing and accompanying DeFi projects.

From the smallest token to the biggest P2E, creating hype has no secret for me.

Our core business is launch strategy...

But if you are looking for a : 

Crypto Marketing Agency or a blockchain developer

We also provide this kind of marketing or technical services for the web3

Blockchain Advisor

Some mistakes can ruin a project before it even starts.
We help you avoid them.

360° Marketing

We establish together the most appropriate strategy to launch your blockchain project.
NFT or Token collection.

Web3 Developers

Whether you are launching a token or an NFT, it is necessary to have a good developer for your smartcontract or dApps.

Hype Management

Creating a hype can't be improvised.
Copying what worked 6 months ago is not a viable strategy.

Influencer Partnership

We open the doors to a network of quality crypto influencers and NFT promoters.

Community Manager

Let us manage (and grow) your Telegram and Discord channels.

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